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Greeks Answering the Call of Pro Humanitate

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Donations are applied to...

All gifts allocated to the Wake Forest Crisis Response Fund directly

support students, faculty, and staff members affected by the novel

coronavirus (COVID-19). With your help, our Wake Forest family

members are receiving assistance with housing, meals, family care,

and basic necessities stemming from sheltering in place and the

temporary closing of campus.

The Impact of our Greek Organizations

At Wake Forest, we have a thriving community of fraternities and sororities who exemplify our values of Pro Humanitate and give back an enormous amount of time and effort to our community through our philanthropy. COVID-19 is disrupting all facets of life, including the ability for our organizations to organize and be a force for good at Wake Forest. However, through our partnership with the Wake Forest Crisis Response Fund, the fraternity and sorority community has a new way for our chapters and their members to reaffirm our commitment to the school and our fellow students. By using this page, you have the option to select your particular fraternity or sorority and provide your donation on behalf of both yourself and the organization.

For our member fraternities, IFC pledges to match up to $250 in donations made by each chapter for a total possible matching amount of $2,500 towards the Relief Fund. For our Panhellenic and NPHC community, IFC pledges to additionally match up to $100 in donations for a total possible matching amount of $1,300.

The Greek community has the ability to build our school up and to provide for those who are most vulnerable. Help us give back to the community and help those who need it most.

How does my gift help?

Your gifts will support needs such as, but not limited to:

-Assistance with food needs of students and campus employees at home

-Assistance with housing crises, including basic rent payments

-Support for international students who are unable to return to their home country

-Extra medical needs of students in self-isolation or quarantine

-Unbudgeted costs for safety equipment for on-campus employees in housing and food service

-Access to technology for remote instruction

-Student travel expenses to return home

-Continuing pay for those who are experiencing reduced hours of work

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